Anna Laudel to participate in POSITIONS Berlin with artworks by Lennart Brede, Ramazan Can, Ekin Su Koc and Daniele Sigalot

Anna Laudel is delighted to announce its first participation in POSITIONS Berlin art fair from September 14th to 17th 2023, with a special selection of artworks by Lennart Brede, Ramazan Can, Ekin Su Koc and Daniele Sigalot.

Official partner of Berlin Art Week, the 10th edition of POSITIONS Berlin opens Berlin’s autumnal art season and invites a huge international audience to explore 100 meticulously selected galleries from 20 different nations, representing global aesthetic viewpoints in contemporary and modern art at the fair.

POSITIONS Berlin will take place in the spacious hangar localities on Tempelhofer Feld, providing a unique setting given the site´s historical importance. The only gallery representing Turkey and Germany together with their galleries in Istanbul, Bodrum and Düsseldorf, Anna Laudel will be showcasing artists of the younger generation with very distinct artistic styles.

Anna Laudel will be located at Booth C18 at Tempelhof Airport Hangar 6 as part of POSITIONS Berlin 2023, September 14th-17th.

About the Artists
Lennart Brede

Lennart Brede is a Berlin and London based artist working in the fields of photography and film. With 10 years in perfecting the art of visualising ideas, he worked with a manifold list of people. After his first major exhibition with Peter Lindbergh he expanded his work field quickly into films as well as photography nationwide and abroad. He did start his career after learning under the wings of Prof. Dr. Susann Lamer, Prof. Ursula Wevers, Uwe Lösch and Bazon Brock. Looking at his portfolio you’ll see that he moves comfortably through the worlds of art, film and video installations to abstract- and fashion photography with his unique eye.

Ramazan Can

Born in Manisa in 1988, Ramazan Can graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts Education in 2011. In 2015, he graduated from Gazi University Fine Arts Institute Graduate School of Painting and continued his education in Gazi University Fine Arts Institute Painting Department Sufficiency in Art program. He is also a research assistant at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Gazi University. Can has participated in a large number of solo and group exhibitions in Turkey and continues to work at his studio in Ankara.

Ekin Su Koc

Ekin Su Koc (b. 1986 in Istanbul) gained her undergraduate degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and holds a Master’s degree in Painting from Işık University. Her artistic style is characterised by elements of collage on paper, painting on canvas and mixed media sculptures. In her work Ekin Su Koc explores what defines our sense of belonging and our sense of dislocation or bewilderment. She juxtaposes the native with the foreign, the local with the distant and the familiar with the alienated. She references her own past and present reality, yet in relation to a broader social context.

Exploring the themes of migration, gender, feminism, territoriality, alienation and familiarity, Ekin Su Koc presents the viewer with her own narrative of migration, all the while playing with these notions skillfully and with a hint of humour. The artist lives and works in Berlin, where she is also in the collection of the Zitadelle Spandau, Centre of Contemporary Art Museum.

Daniele Sigalot

Daniele Sigalot was born in Rome, in 1976. In 2007 he left Saatchi & Saatchi London to dedicate himself fully to the artistic project, ‘Blue & Joy’, which he founded with Fabio La Fauci in 2005. The project’s name became a nom de plume of the Sigalot/La Fauci duo, that continued a prolific four-handed production until 2013. At the end of 2014 when the duo dissolved its partnership, Daniele Sigalot went on to pursue a solo career, focusing on mixed media installations. The center of his exploration spins around the ambiguity between the nature and perception of the materials he uses, creating an ironic contrast and illusion. In 2022 he had a solo show “Master of Mistakes” at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy). Sigalot’s atelier ‘La Pizzeria’, was operative in Berlin 2010 – 2018. In January 2019, he moved his studio to Naples, opening ‘La Nuova Pizzeria’.

About the Gallery
Anna Laudel

Anna Laudel was founded in 2012 and is now located in the heart of Beyoğlu, Gümüşsuyu in Istanbul. Since the opening of the gallery, Anna Laudel has been striving to become one of the leading dynamic contemporary art centres in Istanbul, yet to also represent a wide range of artists, in terms of social and cultural background, age and of course in terms of artistic styles and media. Founded by Anna Laudel with the intention of promoting Turkish emerging as well as established artists, but also a selection of international artists with for instance German or Italian backgrounds, the gallery developed a strong stance in the art world under the direction of Ferhat Yeter.

Istanbul, a city spreading across two continents, an international metropolis, where not only East meets West, but also many different cultures coexist, is both a thriving and constantly evolving environment for a gallery seeking to extend their artists to a diverse audience. Following its first location in Istanbul, Anna Laudel opened its second gallery in Düsseldorf (Germany) in 2019 to further its international outreach. Soon after, in May 2022, a third gallery was inaugurated in Bodrum, Turkey, in Zai Yaşam, allowing for yet another audience and an interesting location to host mostly solo exhibitions. The gallery established a large audience around its locations of Bodrum, Istanbul and Düsseldorf, in recent years also gained further recognition internationally by participating in various high-tier art fairs.

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